Tula Sergeant Major Nickel Plated Steel -Range Friendly- 9mm 115GR (1000 rounds)

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Tula created this ammo line for the indoor shooter utilizing cleaner and consistent burning powder from Serbia, a self lubricating nickel plated steel case, and a non magnetic brass jacketed bullet, making this ammunition a winner. Each round is hand inspected, every lot is velocity and pressure tested making this ammunition unsurpassed for target and indoor range markets.

This range friendly 9mm (9X19,9mm Luger) cartridge is used for target and range shooting through most all pistols. The cartridge keeps its qualities under various climatic and weather conditions independent of the season and at the temperature range from -20° to +50 °. The cartridge case is  cylinder-shaped with non-projecting flange. The cartridge complies with CIP requirements.
Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
Bullet mass g. 7.29
Bullet length, mm 15.3
Cartridge mass, g 11.02
Cartridge length, mm 29.17
Average bullet velocity, V10, m/s 350 - 390
Powder pressure, P max.avg MPa <235 MPa (2350 bar)
Quantity in box (case) 50/1000
Case weight, kg 12.1
B.C. (G1) = 0.109
9mm Luger