Vegas/Henderson Local Pickup FAQ

Are you local to Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada? We have the option for local pick up! Here are answers to your questions:
When can I pick up?
We do pick ups by appointment only. Pick up days are Monday through Thursdays only. 6pm is our pick up time. If you can not do 6pm, we highly recommend you to have the package shipped to you, 99% of the time it will only take one day to get to you.
Where do I pick up?
We do the pick up at our mailing address which is a POST NET location in Henderson. We pull up at 6pm sharp in a white Lexus or white F350. We typically park in the front of the post net store or along that front row of parking spaces. When you see us pull in please walk over to our vehicle. We will pop our trunk or tailgate. Do NOT go in the post net store, they will not know what you are talking about, this address is purely used as a pick up/meeting point reference. 
The address is: 35 E. Horizon Ridge Parkway, suite 110, Henderson NV 89002
Can I pick up on weekends or holidays?
No, we are not available Friday to Sunday and we are not available holidays.
Can I pick up any other time other than 6pm?
Most likely we can not do another time, but sometimes we can accomodate early morning pick ups. Please email in to ask
How do I place an order?
Please go to our site, once you begin the check out process you will need to enter your Vegas address. Once you enter this address, the local pick up option will pop up for you to select 
How do I arrange pick up?
When you complete your purchase on our website you will receive an automated information email that has all this information in it. It will ask you to email us and let us know what day you would like to come. We will confirm with you, put you on our pick up schedule then mark your order as ’shipped’ -you will receive an email but know your order did not ’ship’ that email will just mean that we confirmed with you your pick up day and its no longer waiting for us to schedule. 
Do you have a store?
NO, we don’t have a store front to pick up ammo/purchase goods. We are an online store. The reason our ammo is so well priced is because we do not have operating overhead like most businesses do which make prices of goods go higher. (Storefront rent, CEO salaries, multiple employees working at store all day)
I am traveling in from out of state, can I buy ammo and pick up? 
YES, please go on our website and check out per usual. If you have any questions please email us
What is ROUTE shipping insurance in my cart?
If you are selecting pick up then you don’t need ROUTE shipping insurance. Please X it out of your cart. ROUTE is only imperative/mandatory for customers that are having their orders shipped to them.
If you schedule your pick up and miss it, we will allow you to reschedule. If you miss your rescheduled day and time two more times we will kindly ask you to pay the extra $15 and have it shipped to you instead.


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