.22 LR 40gr HV SP Aguila - 50 Rounds

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Maximize your shooting experience with Aguila .22LR High Velocity (HV) Soft Point (SP) 40gr ammunition. This 50-round box is perfect for shooters looking for a versatile round that combines the reliability of .22LR with the enhanced performance of a high-velocity load. The 40gr soft point bullet offers a balanced mix of accuracy, expansion, and impact, making it suitable for a wide range of activities from target shooting to small game hunting.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Velocity: Engineered for superior performance, these rounds provide a higher muzzle velocity for flatter trajectories and improved accuracy.
  • Soft Point Design: The 40gr SP bullet expands on impact, creating a larger wound channel for quick, humane kills on small game.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for target shooting, plinking, and hunting, offering reliable performance across a broad range of activities.
  • Precision Manufactured: Aguila's commitment to quality ensures consistent velocity and accuracy in every shot.

Why Choose Aguila .22LR HV SP 40gr?

For shooters who demand the best in performance and versatility, Aguila .22LR High Velocity Soft Point 40gr ammunition provides the reliability, accuracy, and impact necessary for a successful day at the range or in the field. Trust Aguila to elevate your shooting experience.