.300 BLK 200gr Super Suppressed Subsonic Winchester - 20 Rounds

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Optimize your suppressed shooting experience with Winchester Super Suppressed 300BLK 200gr Subsonic ammunition. This 20-round box is engineered specifically for firearms with suppressors, offering quiet performance without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. The 300 Blackout, paired with a 200gr subsonic projectile, ensures minimal noise and reduced muzzle blast while maintaining effective terminal performance, making it an ideal choice for tactical applications and target practice.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for Suppressors: Optimized for use with suppressors, reducing noise and muzzle flash for stealthy shooting experiences.
  • Subsonic Performance: The 200gr bullet maintains subsonic speeds, further minimizing sound signature when fired.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Engineered for precision, these rounds offer consistent ballistics and stable flight paths, ideal for both target practice and tactical use.
  • Effective Terminal Performance: Despite being subsonic, these rounds deliver effective terminal performance, suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios.

Why Choose Winchester Super Suppressed 300BLK 200gr Subsonic?

For shooters using suppressed firearms, Winchester Super Suppressed 300BLK 200gr Subsonic ammunition provides the perfect combination of stealth, accuracy, and reliability. Experience the benefits of shooting subsonic with Winchester's specially designed rounds.

.300 AAC Blackout